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Chuck took his first guitar lessons in 1969 at the Fairhope, Alabama Organic School. By 1973, Chuck knew he was destined to become a bass player when he got his first Ibanez and a '68 Bassman 10.  From 1975 to 1979, he was at Lyman Ward Military Academy where he also joined, The "Brad Moreman Band". While on leave he played with "The 44 Magnum Band", which later became "The Items".

In 1979, he joined "Defiance" where he met a life long friend and lead guitarist Gerry Gambino. This resulted in the forming of various show bands in the 1990s and 2000s.  In 1985, Chuck also joined the country show band "The Denim Band" This band toured all over the deep south and was also the band for other country music stars, such as Mel Tillis, Victoria Hallman, TG Shepard, The Platters and others. 

I along with other musicians in Almost Skynard have been playing Lynyrd Skynyrd since the 1970s. The decades of playing their music is the reason why we formed one of the greatest Lynyrd Skynyrd show bands of all time and the reason you would want Almost Skynard energizing your event. We love it as much as you do and it shows in our performances.

Chuck Phillip

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