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Chuck took his first guitar lessons in 1969 at the Fairhope, Alabama Organic School. By 1973, Chuck knew he was destined to become a bass player when he got his first Ibanez and a '68 Bassman 10. Next stop was the Lyman Ward Military Academy where he also joined Colonel Moreman's son's band, The Brad Moreman Band. 

In 1979, he joined a band called 'Defiance' in which he met a life long friend, Gerry Gambino, the lead guitarist. In 1985, Chuck also joined a band called "Denim Band" and there he met Jack Smith, the keyboardist, who would also become a life long friend. 

"I have played with other bands through the years but 'Almost Skynard" is like the good ole days when we can look forward to shows with all of our friends."

Chuck Phillip

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